A long walk to water (Nya and Salva)

Salva: I am tortured and tired. I wonder when this will all be over. I hear the hot sand squeaking underneath my aching feet. I see the rotting wounds and flesh of other [dead] men. I want to go home and be with my family. I am tortured and tired

I pretend that I'm not suffering. I feel like I'm about to pass out with the, scorching on my hot back with, every passing second. I touch my cry and ashy knees as I bend down and help another fallen lost boy. I worry about all the things that could go wrong on this journey. I cry myself to sleep thinking about my family. I pretend that I'm not suffering.

I know that I can make it through this. I stay with the group and help them because they depend on me and I am their leader. I dream of being back home with my loving family. I try to stay strong throughout this tremendous journey. I hope that we will make it to Kenya before it's too late. I know that I will make it through this.

#GRAwater Fact File

This term we are doing global read aloud this is the link for are #GRAwater Fact File.

Book Snap- Lexx

Hi Guys, This is Lexx's Book snap on Too Many Snap.

Caption for timelapse- James

Hey Guys It’s James here and  this is a timelapse of my sketchnoting for #NZreadloud9 The book we are currently reading is Speed of Light and I think this book is quite interesting Something that I like about doing sketchnotes is how we can draw and write at the same time this really helps audience and readers understand the concept of what you’re trying to explain. This video is a brief part of what sketchnotes are , as you can see I’m jotting and writing ideas down and then drawing a picture beside to show what the ideas mean. Thanks for reading !



#NZreadaloud9 has begun.
It is the last one for the year before we participate in the Global Read Aloud in Term 4.

The book we are reading is Speed of Light by Joy Cowley.

Here is Jada's and Sarah's sketchnote from today's reading.

Here is Aaliyah and Tarra's sketchnote from the first day of reading.

Here is the start of the Language Wall where we add our BEST new words, language features, and inquiry ideas. We are also having a focus on Connections we make as we read AND conventions of text; those things we can do as writers to make sure our readers 'read' the text in a particular way. Like exclamation marks, speech marks, capital letters, and ellipses.

Who are we?

Hi my name is Fenella and I am the leader of the blog.

I have been selected to lead this blog. In our class we have learning tribes. Learning tribes are groups of people that work together sometime on different challenges. We have learning tribes to learning to work with people that aren't our friends. So far we have been doing flags to represent our tribes.

Rongomaiwahine the people in this tribe are
Tarra, Pippa, Azlyn, Anieka, Keisha, Olly, Connor, Dylan, Ryder and Ihaia.

Tapu-te-Ranga the people in this tribe are
Mj, Jahbez, Jada, Finn, Zahara, Te Aotaki, Rylee, Jahmon,  Shalia and Alex.

Takitimu the people in this tribe are
Briar, James, Shakya, Lachlan, Lauren, Lochlan, Sasha, Tui, Kiya and Hayden.

Iwipupu the people in this tribe are
Justinna, Lexx, Ava, Cruize, Sarah, Jarvis, Callae, Ben, Alyse and Eli.

Tamatea-mai-tawhiti the people in this tribe are
Dani,Josh,Anahera,Cruz,Evie,Caleb,Stevie,Paxton and Jade.

Tamatea-pokai-moana the people in this tribe are
Aaliyah, Leo, Emma, Rayarn, D…

Let's get blogging!

Welcome @Muriwhenua whanau to our class blog.

This is going to be a learner-driven blog; a platform which a team of bloggers will lead the content and share the amazing innovative learning we are doing every day.